Quaff like an Egyptian!

Travis Rupp is the special projects brewmaster for Avery Brewing Company in Boulder. He'll spend months researching an ancient culture to determine how they went about making beer. Then he'll replicate their process and product as closely as possible. He's created/re-created everything from Viking beer to Egyptian beer. Beer! Yay beer!

Mitch Hedberg: Saved by the buoyancy of citrus

Today is the birthday of my all-time favorite comedian. Mitch Hedberg was born on February 24th, 1968. Tragically, for him and the world, he passed on March 30th, 2005. Although he wasn't around long, his sense of silliness has had a profound effect on my worldview.

Some of his jokes are devastatingly funny. Others aren't funny at all. Oddly, it's his unfunny jokes that make me love him most. I considered naming this site "The Buoyancy of Citrus," after a line from one of his bits. I opted against it for too-many-damn-letters reasons. But it's served as a kind of mission statement none-the-less.

Happy Birthday Mitchell.

The human body is a neat contraption

This is an older clip of Les Twins, a dancing duo from France. Yes, they're twins. And although there are tons of videos of them doing their thing all over the internet, for whatever reason I've always liked this one best. 

The things our bodies are capable of, and our imaginations, continually astonish me. 

Any moment...

I spent last night at the Johnson Public House in Madison, Wisconsin, trying to get some writing done. I was stuck.

Espresso. Still stuck. Sparkling water. Still stuck. A few 3 Floyds wheat ales. Still stuck.

All the while, this wonderfully ginormous painting by Natalie Jo Wright was staring down at me. 

Sadly, in my case anyway, nothing happened.

But today will be different. Any moment...

Francesco Vullo

If you occasionally like your art on the clever side, and yes, I occasionally like my art on the clever side, then the work of Francesco Vullo is worth a look.

The 22-year old Italian digital artist was featured recently in The Creators Project where he said: "My work is strongly influenced by events and contemporary culture and has many ironic nuances and messages of social criticism. I try to reveal irreverent visions of today’s world remixing classic paintings, objects or known personalities with ironic elements and show the negative side of social networks, politics, industry, and commerce."

Yup. I'd say that's exactly what he does. Here's a quick look at some of his work. His insta is definitely worth a follow. And his site is here.