A trailer? Maybe so...

The whole #vanlife movement kind of caught me off-guard.

I've always been a boat person. Never gave RV's a second glance. And I've always preferred tents over campers. Unless, you know, it's been raining for days and there's talk of euchre. But dang, I've seen some really cool van conversions lately.

My favorites ones tend to be on the rickety side. The result of pure passion and marginal engineering skills. I have both of those things! So I find myself peaking at every van and delivery vehicle I see. Imagining where I'd stow the solar margarita maker during off-road travel.

But the fact is I don't think I'd get much use out of such a van. Most of my bigger trips tend to involve islands. The wilder ones involve boots and backpacks, paddles and portages. That leaves the long weekends – trout camp and smelt camp and, oh don't get me started on all my damn camps. For those trips I don't need a fully outfitted long-range travel vehicle. I need a place to sleep and cook and keep my beer cold.

Which brings me to my point: check out this trailer! A lot of towable tear-drops have come out over the last few years but the Timberleaf is a real beauty.  I haven't seen one in person, which is critical, but they seem to have put much more care into it than others I've seen. It ain't cheap, but less expensive than a converted van, especially when you consider fuel costs (it's towable with a car). It sure would look purty behind my Jeep. If'n you're interested, you can check it out here.