I'm excited. For real!

I've been on a bit of a tropicalia kick this summer. Gilberto Gil and all them guys. Although some of the music is pushing 50 years old, to my ear it sounds as fresh as ever. Perfect summer vibes that, unfortunately, don't make it onto too many summer playlists. Banished in favor of those two Zac Brown songs, the Marley Legend album, and It's 5:00 Somewhere. 

But here comes Prince Paul and his Afro-Brazilian collective BROOKZILL! Prince Paul, one of my favorite producers of all time (De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising, etc.), has teamed up with Brazilian MC Rodrigo Brandao, Ladybug (from Digable Planets) and fellow Brooklyn-based producer Don Newkirk. PP's always been an eclectic dude, and it looks like he'll be bringing that sensibility to this project.

"To me, BROOKZILL! is a throwback to why I started my whole career: good music is good music, regardless of what the language is, what the culture is," Paul said in a statement. "This record stands by what I've always stood by. It might not be what you're familiar with. But for some reason, you just like it 'cause it's good. It shouldn't have a face on it, it should just be felt."

The album won't be out until October, but they're releasing three mix tapes in the meantime. The first, below, is inspired by Rodrigo. I'll post the others as they're released I have no idea how this will compare to the actual album, but I dig it.

Sao Paulo, Brazil MC Rodrigo Brandão