Today is October 1st

Majestic Citrus Grove, Madison, Wisconsin

Majestic Citrus Grove, Madison, Wisconsin

As fortold, in my neck of the woods many of the docks have already been brought in. These early removals are primarily the work of busy-bodies, non-fisherman, and wakeboarders that don't own wetsuits. Eventually though, things get real. As October shifts into November, it takes a gambler's mettle to leave a dock out for one more day. Things can swing from 70° F to 35° F-ed, overnight. Still though, pulling the dock in early October? These are clearly not my people.

However. My citrus grove is another story entirely. (I should mention that my "citrus grove" is a lime tree (of course) and a lemon tree which are pruned so I can fit 'em into the house for the winter. Rounding out my cocktail farm is the mint which I leave in the ground to fend for itself.) 

But yes. My citrus grove. As soon as nighttime forecasts approach the 40s, the trees have to come inside. This is a non-negotiable indicator of Fall. And this was that week.

Our wonderfully extended summer has come and gone.

Today is October 1st.