Oh dang! Lookit HULA!

One of the upsides of lashing together this site is that it's got me excited about art again.

I stumbled across a David Hockney book last night that pretty much blew the top of my head off. But I'll be honest, not in the same visceral way as the work of HULA (Sean Yoro).

Born in Hawaii and now living in New York, he paints these absolutely stunning murals from a standup paddleboard. I'm drawn to them in the same hard-to-explain way that I'm drawn to Easter Island statues and massive wind turbines on the horizon. With equal parts emotion and introspection and WTF.

I love street art (canal art in this case?). And I love fine art. Usually when those two worlds come together, there's an element of irony or cynicism or smart-assery to it. Not here. HULA's work is just powerful and resonant and beautiful. His studio portraiture work is wonderful too. 

Yes, I realize I'm gushing. But there's nothing I love more than finding things worth gushing over.

You can check out much more of his work on his site.