Simple Again

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe, California

Let me tell you about the drum...

I know you’ve heard it. Quietly at first and then louder, it tells you that it’s time...time to get outside and untangle yourself.

It’s hard to resist. After all, the drum is what pulls the salmon upstream. And it’s the drum, too, that draws the bear. Together, full of violence and grace, they dance the dance of the Kodiak and the King. And long after they’re gone, the rhythm continues.

I know you’ve heard it because I’ve seen you out there: following the cairns and the currents to the wild places in your heart. You see, we’re not all that different you and I. I know what it’s like to dance to the drum. I know the importance of unlearning patterns.

So let’s go where the drum takes us: away from the clockwatchers and the death rattle of routine. Let’s ditch the phones and the fluorescent lights and start over. Let’s be simple again.

We can focus on sand and sea and sky. We can touch and taste and move and live with passion. And we can rediscover that our capacity to howl is complemented by our right to remain silent.

Let’s be simple again.