The boats of Carriacou

Carriacou is the largest island in the Grenadines, which are part of the Windward Islands chain. It's a beautiful, slow, real place where 4,500 people go about their business on their 13-square-mile piece of land.

A big part of their business is boat building. You see these wonderful wooden boats all over the island in various stages of construction. And of course, they're on the water too, painted exactly how all boats should be painted. 



Swizzlesticks are the most under-appreciated of cocktail accessories and that fact bums me out.

There was a time when the swizzlestick was the proud axis around which any cocktail revolved. But somewhere along the way they got replaced by the short skinny straw. Or even worse, by a few quick swishes with a nearby butter knife. 

Enough I say! We are not animals!

It's time to bring the swizzlestick back to its former glory... 

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