Love something so much you forget to go the toilet

This guy, and this video, are wonderful. I really think you should watch it.

And then ask yourself:

"Is there something I love as much as Snowflake loves skiing?"

If so: You're lucky! You get to go do it. 

If not: You're lucky! You get to go find it.

Either way, get going.

Find Your Love

"You know that dream you carry around with you each day? It's kind of important."

So begins a really wonderful video by Ed and Sofie Templeton. The piece speaks for itself. But since I'm always interested in a little back story: Ed and Sofie worked via normal channels (design and fashion) until one day they decided not to. They started up Soul & Surf, moved to India, and now they have pop-up surf and soul destinations around the world. Kinda crazy.

Oh, and that accent...