Good things come in waves

Doing what you love is an easy choice when what you love is lawyering, or doctoring, or marketing. It gets tougher, though, when what you love doesn't quite make sense.

Clark Little has created a life for himself that, on paper at least, doesn't quite make sense. Hell, it doesn't even make remote sense. Clark Little is a professional taker of wave photos.

To be clear, this ain't no hobby. If you google "most badass wave photographer in the world," Clark comes up first.

How did it come to be? Why? Random happenstance, as it turns out. Nine years ago, his wife came home with a framed photo of a wave that she bought for the house. Clark said nuh-uh, grabbed a camera, and waded out.  Love ensued, and a new path.

The part that doesn't make sense: there was no market for surf pictures that don't have surfers in them. But he pushed on. And through. If you can't find a market for what you do, make one. Today, there's a kajillion dudes with cameras in the line up. Doing what Clark does, and serving the market he pretty much invented. But he's still the best. And he'll always be the first. That's weight right there. 

Anyway, if you're interested, check the video because he's clearly good people. And check his site too: So many killer images. Ridiculous. 

All images in this post are ©Clark Little Photography.