Crap Surfer

I'm crap at quite a few things.

I'm crap at most things actually. For the record, I'm not crap if you need help lifting heavy things. I'm not crap if you're looking for overly precious alliteration. But outside of those two fairly narrow skill sets, I'm crap.

I'm a crap surfer too. But I'm not even a good crap surfer. Bill Bankes-Jones, on the other hand, is the world champion of crap surfing. This is his story.

Doing it all wrong

I love the way Richie Jackson skates. Ditto for the way Scott Stevens snowboards. Which is to say: I love the wrong way. The not worrying about being cool way. The let's just make stuff up and have some fun way.

You don't need to be a skateboarder to appreciate this one, I swear. Check it out and then how about let's see what we can do incorrectly today!

Making a monster

Last week I posted Brandon Semenuk's single-shot unReal segment. If you haven't seen it, scroll down or hit this linkThen take a look at the Making Of video below. Obviously his ride is incredible. But the shot itself is the real stunner here. I sometimes prefer not knowing how things were done. But in this case, holy moly.